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Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje
Itinerarios - Viajes  a Medida y Viajes de Novios
Especialistas en viajes a medida - INFORMACIÓN DE PAISES
Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje

Testimonials from our clients

Comments from our clients about trips organised by us. Custom-made travel and honeymoon trips.
Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje
Custom-made travel to Tanzania

Eva Yebra & Fernando Achirica

Creating a trip for a given budget is by no means easy. A typical travel agency will show you package tours that are not easy to modify. However, Ambulo makes it all easy; choosing hotels, budgeting, changing itineraries and flights to create a custom-made trip. They handle everything. All you have to do is ask. It’s like a magic lamp! They make your travel wishes come true and what's more, with a smile and pleasant manner. They take your needs into account and suggest the best options based on their experience.


Our trip to Tanzania was our first experience with Ambulo, but you can be sure it won't be the last.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made travel to Mauritius

Nacho Mosquera & Lola Pérez

My first contact with Ambulo was for my honeymoon trip and I am happy to say that I hope this will be the first of many trips with Ambulo.

I chose Ambulo because of the good references I had regarding their professionalism and knowledge and also as I didn't want a typical honeymoon.

Alex offered a number of different destinations, explaining the pros and cons of each. We finally decided on Mauritius for a number of reasons: we wanted a unique trip to a unique place; we wanted a place where we could "relax" but that wasn't just "sun and beach" and we wanted a place that we would remember as special. All of these ideas were perfectly understood by Alex. He created a trip with an incredible hotel, lots of different activities, amazing scenery and recommendations for superb restaurants. And on top of this, right on the mark with our budget. To sum it up, everything was PERFECT.

I would like to thank Ambulo and Alex for their great work. There is no doubt I will travel with Ambulo again and recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances!

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made travel to Senegal

Cristina Martínez & Eduardo Gimenez

Four weeks before the Christmas holidays and without time to prepare anything. It was at this moment that I remembered my friend Alex Fuller and his company Ambulo. I called him and asked him to suggest a trip to an exotic destination with warm weather, less than 5 hours non-stop by plane. He suggested Senegal. In just two weeks he organised one of my best travel experiences ever. For example: On New Year’s Eve I tried my hand at Senegalese tribal dancing in the middle of the savannah surrounded by thousand year old baobabs, drinking rum with local inhabitants. At four in the morning, I struggled back to my room with my girlfriend: a room on stilts in the middle of the Sine Sallum delta. I would never have found this place on my own. Thanks Alex.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made travel to Kenya

Raquel & Sergio

We wanted an 8 day trip to Kenya to see as much as possible and with as little transfer time as possible; Alex achieved this.

It was one of the best trips we have done, visiting Samburu and Masai Mara parks, safaris, hot air balloon trips, etc.

Everything was very well organised, thank you Ambulo and see you on our next trip.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made travel to Tanzania & Seychelles

Ana Hernández & Christian Atherton

We were really excited about our honeymoon trip and wanted to discover somewhere new. We knew what we wanted the trip to be like, but we weren't sure of where to go. We were looking at places as diverse as Africa and Japan. Ambulo's detailed suggestion hit the mark. That's because they know what they are talking about as they know the places, hotels and ground handlers firsthand. The organisation was seamless. Organising the trip was a breeze and the trip itself was unforgettable.

We spent a week in northern Tanzania and another week in the Seychelles. The two destinations were perfect for what we wanted. In fact our expectations were exceeded.

Alex transmits a passion for what he does which explains the results he gets. There is no doubt in our minds that the next time we want to go to a place we don't know, we will put our trust in Ambulo.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made trip to Egypt

Patricia Crehuet & Xavier Casellas

Four years ago a friend recommended Alex to organise our honeymoon to China and Vietnam. It was the best thing we could have done. He custom-made our trip and his suggestions were one of the best things about the trip. We wanted to repeat a trip with Ambulo, and the following year we went to Peru. Once again we were delighted with the trip. We travelled at our own leisure, with the assurance of everything being well organised and above all avoiding the typical group tours. Alex's suggestion to visit the jungle on our Peru trip was one of the highlights.

With the birth of our son, we stopped travelling for a while. Then just 3 weeks before we wanted to travel, we asked Alex to prepare a one week trip to somewhere with good weather and interesting culture. That's how the idea of Egypt came about. We knew it was going to be another success as Alex, once again, offered something different, more adventurous, opening up a much less touristy Egypt with some amazing landscapes. The route started in Cairo, crossing the Egyptian Bedouin desert and ended up in Luxor. Halfway through the trip we did an excursion in a 4x4, driven by a local Bedouin, to some of the different deserts. The black and white deserts, spending a night at the latter in a haima. Sunrise in this desert was spectacular. The strange formations of the white carstic stones create an impression of being in heaven.

Another aspect worth mentioning was the way the local agency handled the trip. Exceptional.
We can’t recommend Alex enough to friends and family because we know that it's a sure bet. We will repeat with Alex and we are already thinking about a new destination. Thanks Alex.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made trip to South Africa

Silvia Ayerbe, Pilar Remacha & Rocio Pastor

This wasn't the first trip with Ambulo, and it won't be the last. What we all agree with is that this was the one we enjoyed the most.

Alex convinced us to drive the route he designed in South Africa. There is no other way to discover the surprising hotels that he booked and the places he recommended. It was only necessary to prepare the trip well and suggest things based on our preferences. The order of the trip was perfect. Our jaws dropped in Cape Town, as with the Cape of Good Hope, wine tasting, the incredible wineries, dining in amazing restaurants. Can you imagine it? To our great surprise we slept in a mansion, flipping through the family photo album, dining with silver cutlery, while outside a bonfire roared away.

The highlight was the lodge in the Kruger. Before arriving at the lodge we were immensely lucky to see ostriches flirting and whales breaching in Hermanus. We got 5 star service at the lodge and saw the Big 5 on the first day. That's not easy to top!

We didn’t know what to expect, but we got a mixture of adventure, nature, culture, gastronomy, luxury, relaxation, variety; a thousand trips in one.

Trip photograph
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