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Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje
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Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje

Testimonials from our clients

Comments from our clients about trips organised by us. Custom-made travel and honeymoon trips.
Custom-made travel Round the World

Garcia Orner Family

When you turn 50 you can either throw a big party with all your loved ones, or take a trip that you will never forget. We chose the latter. A round-the-world trip with the family!

We contacted a number of travel agencies, but they only offered standard itineraries and that was not what we were looking for. We found Ambulo by chance, surfing the internet, and met Alex. We liked his proposal of a custom-made trip from the start. He showed great knowledge of all the places he suggested, as well as flexibility in all the changes we incorporated (and there were many!) He organised a perfect round-the-world trip, taking advantage of each moment the four week adventure lasted. He provided interesting excursions but at the same time sufficient time to really enjoy the best places. There was time to relax as well which ensured the trip wasn't too tiring. Each time we arrived at an airport, a guide would be waiting for us (they were all polite, nice and willing to make our stay enjoyable, and above all they were very competent) with a driver to take us to our hotel (we should mention the amazing choice of hotels that Alex prepared for us. We couldn't say which was the most charming.)

On the guided visits, we were not only shown what Alex had set up for us, but the guides also showed us other interesting places on their own time. They were especially excited to show us places that only locals frequented. Fascinating! As such, we were able to see, for example, a "Real China".

Our trip started in Madrid and our first stop was China, via London. We wanted ten days to visit modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai with its amazing skyscrapers and Suzhou with its incredible canals and secrets regarding the making and selling of silk. Our next stop was Xian with its impressive terracotta army and well known Big Goose Pagoda. We will never forget the bicycle ride on top of the wall that surrounds the city, offering a different perspective of Xian. During the excursion, early in the morning to avoid the heat, our guide and friend, Wang Pin, accompanied us. Poor thing! We later learned that he didn't like cycling or for that matter, sport. Not only did he accompany us, but he told us about all the different aspects of the wall that surrounds the city. It's one the best memories we have of the trip. Our last stop in China was Guilin, a mountainous region where beautiful green peaks line the landscape. We travelled the river Li, where we saw fishermen using cormorants, small villages of the "real China" which had chemist shops selling snake syrup, eggs cooked in sand and where the elderly play a game of cards unknown to us.

Our last excursion in China, before leaving for Sydney, was also a suggestion from our guide. He was not willing to let us go without visiting an area where the so called "Guinness" women are found. After a two hour bus ride, climbing the "Dragon Back" mountain, we visited the area where the women wear their hair incredibly long and the views of the rice terraces are wonderful. Unfortunately, the rain also wanted to make an appearance. We have never seen such heavy rain. Although (now that we are dry), it was also a unique experience.

Landing in Sydney, we exchanged the heat and humidity of China for the Australian winter. Sydney surprised us with its warm ambience, the kindness and hospitality of its people and lifestyle. While in Sydney we only had a guide for one day: Alex organised an excursion to visit the most important parts of the city. It was well worth it. The first thing we visited was a park where we were able to see some of the strange animals that live in Australia. Here we cuddled koalas and fed albino kangaroos. From there we continued to the Blue Mountains for some lovely views. For the rest of our stay, without a guide, we were armed with a list of suggestions of what to do from Alex. We couldn't do everything, but everything we did was worth it: the Sydney aquarium with its great white sharks, a typical market and great restaurants. We were upset to leave Australia, a continent with still much to discover.

From Sydney we flew to Papeete (Tahiti) and a few hours later to Bora Bora. Starting with the good news, the hotel selected by Alex was simply fantastic. A wonderful hotel. An overwater bungalow in a beautiful part of the island within the inner lagoon that forms the coral reef. We enjoyed it to the fullest, diving, discovering different exotic fish and shells, exploring the reef, circling the island on a jet-ski, watching amazing makes you feel like you want to stay there forever.

After enjoying the beach for 6 days and recovering from our traipses in China and Australia, our last stop was Los Angeles. Apart from taking advantage of visiting family there, we had time to see Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills... We got a good idea of what this immense city was like.

At the end our trip, arriving in Madrid, one thing was clear: the accumulated tiredness, flying time, language difficulties, differences in time zones, adapting to different cuisines or the silly things that come about from travelling with two teenagers didn't matter. We all had the same impression: WE WOULD REPEAT THE EXPERIENCE TOMORROW.

P.S. If you can, do it with Alex. It's really worth it. We are already thinking about a four or five week trip to Africa. We hope the economy picks up and hope that we can do the trip in spring-summer 2010.

Trip photograph
Viaje a medida Australia
Custom-made travel Round the World

Rocio & Alberto

From the moment we decided to get married, we knew our honeymoon was to be an important event. We wanted to organise a long distance trip, visiting the southern hemisphere. Taking advantage that, given the wedding date, it would be summer there. However, when we sat down to define the trip, we realised that we had lots of ideas and that it was impossible to organise it by ourselves. It was too risky to organise this trip by ourselves via internet. A colleague mentioned his experience with Alex, and we got in touch with him.

From the first moment it was clear that this was no ordinary agency. You could tell by the way he works, his availability, the way he honestly presents alternatives, etc. It’s more than a custom-made trip. Alex puts himself in your position and recommends what you are really looking for.

We ended up designing the whole trip after bombarding Alex with multiple destinations over a short time. Alex presented us with a number of different trips, each with options for flights, hotels and excursions. Based on his first hand knowledge of places or asking his ground handlers, in each case he gave us his opinion. Planning the trip was a breeze thanks to Alex. We ended up designing a spectacular round-the-world trip that far exceeded our expectations, combining beach (Maldives), discovery (Australia and New Zealand) and city (New York).

The trip was seamless. The flight combinations were perfect, the hotels were exactly what we were looking for, the right excursions, even the Sydney restaurant recommendations were a success!!!.

Thanks for everything Alex.

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Viaje a medida Australia
Viajes a medida y viajes de novios. Agencia de Viajes, profesionales del viaje
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